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American Monthly Music Review, and Choir Singers' Companion

(New York, 1850-1851)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publisher: Huntington and Savage, 1850-1851; F.J. Huntington, 1851

Editor: I.B. Woodbury

Periodicity: Monthly

Forthcoming: Nos. 2-4

Lacunae: No. 1. No copy could be located.

Continued by: The Musical Review and Choral Advocate (New York, 1852-1853)

The American Monthly Musical Review and the Choral Advocate, which issued their first numbers in 1850, were similar to the Boston magazines in that their principal purpose was the advancement of sacred music. News of societies devoted to the cultivation of sacred music figured prominently in the pages of the Review and Advocate, but other items of musical interest at home and abroad were mentioned only briefly. Foreign news improved both in quantity and quality with the addition of foreign correspondents, George Root, Lowell Mason and his two sons, Henry and William, and William B. Bradbury, all of whom were then traveling or studying in Europe.”

Charles Edward Wunderlich, A History and Bibliography of Early American Musical Periodicals, 1782-1852. Ph.D. Disseration, University of Michigan (1962): 255.