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А. С. О.: Периодическо Списание на Академическия Симфониченъ Оркестъръ за Музикална Култура и Критика = O. S. A.: Revue périodique de l’orchestre ...

(Sofia, 1934-1935)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2021)

АСО was the journal of the Academic Symphony Orchestra (Академичен симфоничен оркестър) of Sofia. Founded in 1928 by Sasha Popov, the orchestra began as a small student ensemble of Popov’s State Academy of Music but quickly grew, eventually becoming the Sofia State Philharmonic. The journal of the АСО began in 1934, ultimately publishing ten issues under the editorship of St. G. Stoyanoff. In 1936 the АСО gained state support, becoming the Royal Military Symphony Orchestra (Царски военен симфоничен оркrстъ). Publication of the journal then ceased.