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Boletín de Musica y Artes Visuales

(Washington, D.C., 1950-1956)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2020)

Publisher: Division de Musica y Artes Visuales, Departamento de Asuntos Culturales, Unión Panamericana

Periodicity: Monthly

Language: Spanish

Published by the Departamento de Asuntos Culturales of the Pan-American Union / Union Panamericana, and from May-June 1955 the Organization of American States / Organization de Estados Americanos in Washington, D.C., the Boletín de Musica y Artes Visuales served to disseminate musical and artistic news throughout the hemisphere. From 1950-1952, each issue contained some thirty typescript pages; with the July-August 1952 issue, a photograph of a prominent musical personality, ensemble, new facility, or a significant work of art adorned each cover. The language of all contributions, including those concerning Brazil, Canada and the United States, is Spanish.

Each issue is organized geographically. News from the Americas, arranged alphabetically by country name, appears first, followed by news from other countries, largely in Europe. Each issue contains an index, appearing as the first or second page, which provides subject classifications for the news items, such as conference announcements, new books and journals published, competitions, prizes awarded, in addition to genres including music, cinema, and visual arts.

The Boletín provides copious musical news, including concert repertory, performance of new compositions, the activities of local and international musicians, the construction of new concert venues, musicological publications, research projects undertaken, and conference summaries. Visual arts are documented through announcements of exhibitions, publications, and conferences. Most information is gathered from unnamed correspondents or the musical press in each country. Of note are chronological lists of compositions by Latin-American composers which appeared with some regularity.