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Boston Eoliad

(Boston, MA, 1840-1841)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Editor: Henry E. Moore

Printer: Prentiss and Jones, 1840; J. Jones, 1841

Periodicity: Two issues

Only two numbers of the Boston Eoliad, dated 19 September 1840 and 17 February 1841, appear to have been published. The editor, Henry E. Moore, notes that “throughout the whole length and breadth of these United States, there is not one weekly newspaper, exclusively devoted to the science of music, and there are but few, very few, periodicals.” Moore proposes the Eoliad to fulfill this need, copying content from various domestic and European sources to fill the Eoliad's pages. However, as noted in the delayed second issue, subscribers were insufficient to maintain the undertaking. Apparently too many followed the editor's advice, given in his second editorial: “Try it, / And if you do not like it, / Why, then, you needn’t buy it.”