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Caecilia en Het Muziekcollege: Algemeen Toonkunstblad voor Groot-Nederland

(Amsterdam, 1917-1933)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publisher: Emil Wegelin

Editors: Willem Landre, Piet de Warrdt, P.A. Van Westrheene, Herman Rutters

Periodicity: Fortnightly, Nov. 1917-Mar. 1928; Monthly, Apr. 1928-Oct. 1933.

Continues: Caecilia. Maanblad voor Muziek (Amsterdam, 1903-1917)

Absorbs: Het Muziekcollege (Haarlem, 1913-1917)

Merges with: De Muziek (Amsterdam, 1926-1933)

Continued by: Caecilia en De Muziek (Amsterdam, 1933-1940)

See also the description for Caecilia en De Muziek.

Caecilia en Het Muziekcollege (1844, later Caecilia en De muziek), lived an impressively long life. While, in the main, it was similar in scope to De Muziek—although perhaps more attention was diverted to contemporary composers—it did not attempt to offer forgeign reportage to the same extent. A curiosity—as well as a rarity in journals—is that the photographs were evientaly tipped in by hand. The index offers excellent access.

Charles Lindahl, “Music Periodicals in U. S. Research Libraries in 1931: A Retrospective Survey,” in Music Library Association Notes, Second Series, Vol. 37, No. 4 (June 1981): 864-870.