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La Chanson

(Paris, 1878-1880)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2021)

Publisher: A. Patay

Editors: L.-Henry Lecomte

Periodicity: Monthly (May 1878-October 1878), Bi-monthly (November 1878-April 1880), Weekly (May 1880-December 1880)

La Chanson: Journal de musique populaire. Écho des sociétés lyriques. Théâtres, Concerts, Littérature, Beaux-Arts was published by A. Patay at the Librairie ancienne et moderne (Rue Bonaparte) and edited by Louis-Henry Lecomte. In the prospectus, Patay bemoans the lack of a journal devoted to the rich history and vibrant present of the French chanson: "The chanson, this ever new and ever-diverse incarnation of the French spirit, has no organ. We come to fill this regrettable gap by creating more than a newspaper - a complete magazine, especially devoted to those who sing or compose songs. [ “La Chanson, cette incarnation  toujours nouvelle et toujours diverse de l'esprit français, n'a pas d'organe. Nous venons combler cette lacune regrettable en créant plus qu'un journal — une revue complète, spécialement consacrée à ceux qui chantent ou font chanter.”] Most issues begin with an illustrated feature of a chansonnier. Song texts and melodies appear in most issues; activities of the various Sociétés Lyriques are recorded.