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Dalibor. Hudební Listy

(Prague, 1879-1913, 1919-1923 [-1927])

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2013)

Subtitle varies. From 1879 to 1886, Časopis pro všecky obory umění hudebního; from 1887-1927, Hudební Listy.

Publication suspended, 1914-1918.

Editors: V.J. Novotný (1879-1881), F.A. Urbánek (1881-1885, K. Teige (1885-1886), V. V. Zelený (1886-1887), R. Zamrzla (1887), Fr. A. Urbánek (1887-1898), Mojmír Urbánek (1899-1904), Artuš Rektorys (1905-1910), Rudolf Zamrzla (1911-1913), Jan Maria Augusta (1919-1922), Vladimír Balthasar (1923-1927)

Periodicity: Weekly

Publisher: Fr. A. Urbánek (1879-1881), A. V. Urbánek (1881-1927)

Lacunae: Vol. 13 no. 1-3 (1891); Vol. 15 no. 41-47 (1893); Vol. 33 no. 19-24 (1911)

Forthcoming: vol. 38-43 (1922-1927)

"The third Dalibor in a row was a Czech music magazine published in 1879–1913 and after the war then in 1919–1927 (a total of 42 volumes). The first issue began at the beginning of January 1, 1879: “Three years ago, VJ Novotný resigned from the management of the then music magazine Dalibor […] List buried in its most beautiful heyday at that time […] Dalibor will bring interesting and clearly written articles from all disciplines of secular and church music with a constant focus on the latest advances and conveniences in the realm of music. However, the main focus will be on Czech and Slavic matters.” In the introduction, the editors added an overview of musical events from the Czech space in the past years 1876–1879, when the magazine was not published. The periodicity has changed over the years, first it was three times a month (1st, 10th and 20th day of the month), in the years 1883–1913 once a week (48 issues per year), since 1919 usually 20 issues per year. The full title of the periodical was: Dalibor - Magazine for all branches of music art, in the years 1887–1925 Dalibor was marked as Hudební listy, in the last years 1926 and 1927 then as the Bulletin of the Mojmír Urbánek Music House. A number of important personalities have passed through the editorial office for almost half a century, the editors being Václav Juda Novotný, František Augustin Urbánek, Karel Teige, Václav Vladimír Zelený, Mojmír Urbánek, Artuš Rektorys, Rudolf Zamrzla. After the war, Jan Maria (Václav) Augusta, Jaromír Borecký, Vojtěch Říhovský and Vladimír Balthasar continued their editorial work. Important contributors since the 1980s were Otakar Hostinský, Emanuel Chvála, Josef Srb-Debrnov, Zdeněk Fibich, Josef Bohuslav Foerster, Karel Knittl, Ludevít Procházka, Karel Teige, Ladislav Dolanský, Karel Stecker, after 1900 then Josef Boleška, Jan Branberger, Karel Hoffmeister, Zdeněk Nejedlý and many others." (Translation from the Czech.)

Kateřina Hnátová, "Dalibor." In Český hudební slovník osob a institucí, ed. Petr Macek.