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Euterpe: Ein musikalisches Monatsblatt

(Erfurt; Leipzig, 1841-1855, 1857-1884)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2021)

Euterpe: Ein musikalisches Monatsblatt für Deutschlands Volksschullehrern was a monthly journal founded and edited by Ernst Hentschel, the royal Music Director and seminar teacher in Weißenfels, and published by Wilhelm Körner in Erfurt. Hentschel declares that he co-edited the journal in a partnership with F. G. Bogenhardt, seminar teacher in Hildburghausen; Ludwig Christian Erk, seminar teacher in Berlin; and A. Jacob, Cantor in Conradsdorf in Schlesien (today, Kondraowa in Poland). In 1860, G. Flügel, the royal Music Director and Schloßorganist in Stettin, became listed as an editor. In 1871, Hentschel passed his editorial duties to Friedrich Wilhelm Sering who would edit and direct the journal until its cessation in 1884.

The journal was primarily concerned with issues of pedagogy, musical education, organ performance and pedagogy, and choral music. Essays on these topics, frequently supplemented with musical exercises, abound across all issues. Musical news focused on the central European lands from Prussian Pomerania through Silesia to Hungary, though the journal also contains news from musical capital cities.

Euterpe ceased with editor Sering’s note of 43 years of continual publication. No further reason was given.