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Music and Drama

(New York, 1882, 1883)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2021)

Publisher: The American News Co.

Editors: John C. Freund

Periodicity: Weekly

Following the failure of his Music Trade Review in early 1880, John C. Freund founded Music: A Review in 1882 to re-establish his position as a music journal editor and publisher. Freund changed the journal’s title multiple times; after publishing only sixteen issues, Music: A Review became Music & Drama with the issue of April 29, 1882. Freund modified the title to Weekly Music & Drama on January 20, 1883 to distinguish this journal from his concurrent Daily Music & Drama, a large four page broadsheet begun on November 27, 1882 and retitled as Freund’s Daily on March 26, 1883. Following the failure of his daily publication, Freund reverted the weekly journal’s title back to Music & Drama on June 2, 1883. Ultimately, Freund appended his name to the journal in November 1883 as Freund’s Music & Drama [forthcoming in the RIPM Preservation Series.]

Each of these journals covers the musical world broadly with a focus on musical reviews, domestic and foreign news, information on the music trades and advertising. Each issue is illustrated with a musical or dramatic figure on the cover; articles are frequently illustrated and illustrated supplements accompany many issues.  Articles and reviews frequently demonstrate strong opinions, reflecting John C. Freund’s editorial policy and ambition.