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Il Teatro

(Turin, 1856)

Prepared by Elvidio Surian
Online only (2017)

The journal Il Teatro [ITE]—subtitled “Rivista settimanale: Letteratura-Musica-Drammatica-Coreografia Belle Arti e Varietà”— was published in Turin without interruptions from January to July 1856 by the Tipografia Subalpina di G. Pelazza e Comp.—the proprietor of the journal—and printed throughout in a single-column format, consisting altogether of 410 pages. From January to March it was published in thirteen weekly installments (Part I, p. 1-220 numbered continuously). From April to July ILT was printed in four monthly issues (Part II, p. 1-190). There is no indication of the journal’s editor. The majority of the rubrics are not signed, and the authors of the essays could not be identified with certainty.

The primary aim of Il Teatro is to provide information and critical insights on performances of operatic works as well as of spoken comedies, dramas and ballets. The first part of each issue contains a short essay, usually devoted to artistic talents and literary skills that theatrical actors and playwrights should possess. The rubrics “Cronaca teatrale” [theatre chronical] and “Notizie varie” report on performances in major Italian theatres, in a few foreign institutions—notably Paris, London, Vienna—, in the Teatro Regio and minor theatres of Turin. Noteworthy are the numerous notices of musical activities of peripheral provincial cities of Piedmont: Alessandria, Vercelli, Novara, Cuneo, Casale Monferrato, Savigliana, Saluzzo, Alba. The regular rubric “Scritture e disponibilità di cantanti” [engagements of singers] gives information concerning singers who are readily available to be engaged.

The significant aspect of the journal is the regular inclusion at the opening of each issue of full-page portraits of some notable artists designed by the renowned lithographer Casimiro Teja (1830-1897), followed by a biographical essay of each: composers Rossini, Verdi, Pacini, Adolfo Fumagalli; singers Gaetanina Brambilla-Marulli, Giovanni Belletti, Adelaide Borghi-Mamo, Giuseppina Medori, Marianna Barbieri-Nini; dramatic actors Gaetano Gattinelli, Ernesto Rossi, Luigi Bellotti-Bon, Pietro Boccomini, Angelo Profferio, Tommaso Salvini, Gaetano Vestri; actresses Adelaide Ristori, Clementina Cazzola, Carlotta Marchionni; playwrights Felice Romani, Tommaso Gherardi del Testa.

ILT ceased publication in July 1856 due to a lack of subscribers.