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The Musical Magazine

(Boston, MA, 1839-1842)

Prepared by Vashti Sadjedy and Richard Kitson
Online only (2014)

A bimonthly music journal of seventy-eight issues entitled The Musical Magazine; or, Repository of Musical Science, Literature and Intelligence [MAG] was published in Boston from January 5, 1839 to April 24, 1842 by Otis, Broaders and Company. Each issue consists of sixteen pages in single column format. The journal was edited by Thomas B. Hayward (until December 1839) and H. Theodore Hach, who continued in this capacity single-handedly until the journal’s demise. The years between 1839 and 1842 are enriched through the publication of four music journals in Boston. Among these, MAG is considered fairly unique in its promotion of music education in public schools and the concomitant training of qualified teachers, the study of musical literature and its performance, reviews of new musical literature, sheet music and local performances of concerts, operas and oratorios. Little is known about Thomas B. Hayward, headmaster of a Boston school, but it is clear he associated with musical life by means of the fact that musical education was introduced into his school’s curriculum in 1835. Trained in his native Germany as a violoncellist, H. Theodore Hach was active in the Boston community as a soloist and accompanist for numerous musical events.