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Muzïkal'naya kul'tura = Музыкальная культура

(Moscow, 1924)

Prepared by Natalia Ostroumova
Online only (2018)

Three issues of the Russian journal Muzykalnaya Kultura [«Музыкальная культура», Musical Culture (MKA)], were published in 1924 in the USSR. MKA was edited by Nikolay Andreevich Roslavets, the well-known composer and representative of musical avant-garde of the twentieth century. Articles were written by members of the editorial board, all important musicologists and critics of the period: Victor Mikhaylovich Belyaev, Igor Glebov (pseudonym for Boris Vladimirovich Asafyev), Vladimir Vladimirovich Derzhanovsky, Leonid Leonidovich Sabaneev and Boleslav Leopoldovich Yavorsky. Each of the three issues comprises eighty or ninety pages printed in single-column format. The purpose of the journal was the achievement of an understanding the issues of modern music, new directions in musical art, and the activities of Soviet musical organizations. Other authors of articles were composers including Georgy Eduardovich Konus, Arseny Mikhaylovich Avraamov, Anatoly Nikolaevich Alexandrov and Alexander Alekseyevich Shenshin; musicologists Evgeny Maksimovich Braudo and Semyon Lvovich Ginzburg, among others.

MKA is organized in several thematic sections: the first main section consists of extensive musicological articles devoted to compositional problems of the 1920s; the section "Personal and Others'" deals with discussions of contemporary musical phenomena; "The Tempus of Musical Life" contains information and reviews of musical life in Moscow and Leningrad, while "Chronicle of the Periphery" describes musical life of the Soviet provinces; and "Abroad" focuses on reviews of activities in foreign countries. The last section is a bibliography, devoted to new editions of music and books about music. Advertisments of musical publications are found at the outset or at the end of each issue.