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The Musical Magazine

(New York, 1835-1837)

Prepared by Vashti Sadjedy and Richard Kitson
Online only (2014)

The twenty-four monthly issues of The Musical Magazine [MMA] were published in New York City from June 1, 1835 to April 1, 1837 by Ezra Collier at No. 148 Nassau Street. The journal was edited by Thomas Hastings (1794-1872), “a composer, compiler, hymn writer and writer on music.” Each issue is printed in single column format and is organized in three major sections: 1. “Practical” dealing with vocal execution, choral singing, organ playing, etc.; 2. “Theoretical” dealing with the rudiments of music and the thorough study of diatonic and chromatic harmony; and, 3. “Miscellaneous” dealing with reviews of new publications and performances and a multitude of incidental articles dealing with various aspects of music making and poetry. Very few of the articles are signed with proper names, while many are signed with pseudonyms. It must be deduced that the major part of the magazine was written by Hastings himself. In addition to the articles there are ninety-one pieces of sheet music that were issued as supplements: hymn tunes, doxologies, choruses, anthems and “The Lord’s Prayer.” These compositions were collected and published in two volumes under the title The Musical Miscellany, Comprising the Music Published in The Musical Magazine. The sheet music is entered in the RIPM Calendar following the last article in the April, 1837 issue.