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Muzička Revija: Nezavisni Mjesečnik

(Zagreb, 1932)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Printer: Tiskara Dragutin Beker

Editors: Pavao Markovac, Zlatko Grgošević

Periodicity: 5 monthly issues

"Musical criticism occupied an outstanding position in Muzička Revija, which was divided into five sections: 'Ličnosti' (Personalities), 'Muzika i društvo' (Music and Society), 'Kritika i kontrola' (Criticism and Control), 'Film naših muzičkih prilika' (The Film in our Times), and 'Pregled' (Reviews). The criticism in Muzijka revija is based upon Markovac's conception that '... criticism.., must not be influenced by personal taste, sympathies and aversions, and should be nothing but a reliable and, above all, conscientious guardian of values. This, in short, implies sincerity, independence, expert knowledge, responsibility, a special talent and, of course, absolute impartiality.' The aim of criticism is to describe and analyze musical events and the work of musicians and musical institutions on one hand, and to act on that musical life on the other hand. 'We want action, and our aim is to clarify concepts,' announced the editors in the programme. After all, the decision to publish the journal came as a result of the conviction that Croatian musical life and culture were in agony. Objecting to programme politics, dilettantism, snobbery and the lack of organization in musical life, Markovac and Grgošević often engaged in polemics. All the articles and pieces of criticism were based on their 'progressive' ideological attitude and aimed to the transformation of musical life. However, in spite of its 'progressive' orientation or perhaps because of it Muzička revija had the same destiny as all other journals of the time which tried to be independent. It seems that Muzička revija would cease publication regardless of the police’s intervention. Namely, the fact is that Markovac and Grgošević were not just the editors and the publishers but also the only contributors of Muzička revija. Either other music critics were not interested in collaboration in the left oriented Muzička revija or its editors were not interested in contributions which might have reached the editor’s office. It also seems that Muzička revija lacked subscribers, in other words a reading public. The financial burden obviously proved too great for Markovac and Grgošević. Their radicalism was a decisive factor of the short life of Muzička revija."

Sanja Majer-Bobetke, “Croatian Musical Journals between the Two World Wars and the Musical Criticism,” in International Review of the Aesthetics of Sociology of Music 23, no. 2 (December 1992): 184-185.