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Musica: Revista Mexicana

(Mexico City, 1930-1931)

Prepared by Alejandro González
Online only (2012)

The monthly journal Música Revista Mexicana [MRM] was published in Mexico City in eight single issues from 15 April to November, 1930, and one double issue December-January 1930-31. The issues are printed in single column format, the first eight issues contain forty-eight pages, the final double issue contains ninety-six pages. Each issue’s pages are numbered consecutively beginning with the number one. MRM was governed by an editorial board of ten members with Gerónimo Baqueiro Fóster as chief editor and Carlos Chávez as director. Each issue is organized in two parts: first, a number of articles on historical and theoretical topics, second, two regular reviews of operas and concerts: "Actividades musicales de la Republica" [Musical happenings of the Republic] by David Saloma, and "La música en el extranjero" [Music abroad] by Ana C. de Rolón.

Important articles about the music of indigenous peoples of North and South America include "La música popular en el Perú" [Popular music in Peru] by Andrés Sas, "La música autóctona mexicana y la técnica moderna" [Aboriginal music of Mexico and modern technique] by José Rolón, and "Las flautas en las civilizaciones azteca y tarasca" [Flutes in the Aztec and Tarascan civilizations] by Daniel Castañeda. The problems of the development of music in contemporary Mexico are studied by Carlos Chávez in "Carta abierta a la juventud" [Open Letter to the Youth], "Nacionalismo musical" [Musical nationalism] and "La música propia de México" [The Music that belongs to Mexico], and by Jésus C. Romero in "La historia y la bibliografía musicales, según las necesidades de nuestro país" [Musical history and bibliography, as demanded by the necessities of our country]. New developments in European music are addressed in A. Machabey’s "Notas sobre la música alemana contemporánea de Schoenberg" [Notes on contemporary German music of Schoenberg] and Raymond Petit’s "Un bosquejo crítico de Strawinsky" [A critical sketch of Stravinsky]. G. Bacqueiro Fóster considers sixteen subdivisions of the octave in "Diferentes sistemas de subdivisiones del tono en los instrumentos de varas" [Different systems of subdivision of the tone sound in the wind instruments].