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The Musical Review and Choral Advocate

(New York, 1852-1853)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2013)

Editor: L. Mason and I.B. Woodbury

Periodicity: Monthly

Publisher: F.J. Huntington and Mason & Law

Language: English US

Continues: The Choral Advocate and Singing Class Journal (New York, 1850-1851)

Absorbs: The American Monthly Musical Review (New York, 1850-1851)

Continued by: The New York Musical Review and Gazette (New York, 1854-1855)

Published monthly, this journal was formed from the union of the The Choral Advocate and Singing Class Journal and the American Monthly Music Review and Choir Singers' Companion. Editors were Lowell Mason and I. B. Woodbury (1852), C. M. Cady (1853), and edited collectively by the Mason Brothers publishing house (1854).  F. J. Huntington and Mason & Law were publishers until 1854 when the journal was wholly controlled by the Mason Brothers. These three years show a continual progression from a journal focused largely on sacred and choral music to a broader range of musical topics including concerts and musical news, both domestic and foreign. Most issues contain musical supplements of largely vocal music, including hymns, glees, songs and part songs.