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Die Musik

(Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, 1901-1915, 1923-1943)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publishers: Berlin, Leipzig: Schuster & Loeffler, 1901-1915; Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 1923-1929; Berlin: Max Hesses Verlag, 1930-1943

Editors: Bernhard Schuster, Johannes Günther, Herbert Gerigk

Periodicity: Twice monthly, 1901-1915; Monthly, 1923-1943

Forthcoming: Vol. 15 nos. 1-6 (1922-1923)

"Among the general German language music periodicals of the first half of the twentieth century, Die Musik is surely the most interesting from a historical point of view since one finds a well defined general attitude for each of the three periods of German history of that time: 1. the eulogy of the great 19th-century masters during the pre-war period, 2. the thoughtful openness to new trends during the Weimar Republic, and 3. the enthusiastic propagation of a political ideology during the Third Reich. Die Musik ceased publication under its name in March 1944 and, following a merge with three other publications, published under the title Musik im Kriege."

Marc-André Roberge, “Le périodique Die Musik (1901-1944) et sa transformation à travers trois périodes de l'histoire allemande,” in Revue de Musicologie 78, No. 1 (1992): 109-144

Translation of: “Parmi les périodiques musicaux généraux de langue allemande de la première moitié du XX siècle, Die Musik est sûrement le plus intéressant du point de vue historique puisque, pour chacune des trois périodes de l’histoire allemande de cette époque, on y retrouve une attitude générale bien définie: 1. le panégyrique des grands maître du XIX siècle pendant l’avant-guerre, 2. l’ouverture réfléchie aux nouvelles tendances pendant la République de Weimar, et 3. la propagation enthousiaste d’une idéologie politique pendant le Troisième Reich. Die Musik a cessé de paraître sous son nom en mars 1944 sous le titre de Musik im Kriege, à la suite d’une fusion avec trois autres périodiques.”

"Much more extensive in scope was Die Musik. Among its contributors in 1931 were Apel, Deutsch, Einstein, Geiringer, Moser, Reich, Sachs, Schünemann, Specht, Altmann, Hornbostel, Krenek, and Leichtentritt. Of particular note was the appearance of portraits of contemporary music personalities — these are indexed as well. However, the main function of Die Musik was to prepare an account, generally of paragraph length, of musical performances in Germany and prominent foreign cities. Festivals, awards, academic announcements, and other news ("Tageschronik" and "Zeitgeschichte") were briefly notes. Books, music, and sound recordings were reviewed, and in a progressive vein, the uses of music in films were explored. The contents of other journals were also observed ("Echo der Zeitschriften"). The configuration of the indicies provide access to portraits, first performances, and musical life by city; a name index was prepared on an annual basis."

Charles Lindahl, "Music Periodicals in U. S. Research Libraries in 1931: A Retrospective Survey. Part II: Other European Countries." Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association 38, no. 1 (September 1981): 76.