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La Musica

(Naples, 1855)

Prepared by Marina Marino and Marcello Conati
1 volume* (1989)

Between 1842 and 1853 four music journals of great importance were established in various cities of the Italian peninsula: in 1842 the Gazzetta musicale di Milano; in 1847 L’Italia musicale (Milan); in 1852 the Gazzetta musicale di Napoli and in 1853 the Gazzetta musicale di Firenze. All four journals were supported by music publishers and each reflected the concerns and point of view of the supporting company. In 1855, 1857, 1876 and 1883 four distinct attempts were made to establish a music journal of significance in Naples independent of the control of a music publisher. Each of these four journals was entitled La Musica.

Created without any direct ties to a music publisher, La Musica (1855) appears to be modeled after the typographical style of Gazzetta musicale di Napoli. Consisting of forty-two issues, the journal was directed by its proprietor Pasquale Trisolini, and from its eleventh issue enjoyed the sponsorship of Clausetti, Ricordi’s representative in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Trisolini, who wrote most of the articles, was a strong defender of the Italian musical tradition tied to the art of singing. Michele Ruta was an active collaborator. Particularly attentive to the works of the two major contemporaneous Italian composers, Mercadante and Verdi, Trisolini also focused attention and expressed great sensitivity towards the operas of new composers including Giuseppe Apolloni, Emanuele Muzio, Nicola Ferri, Vincenzo Fioravanti, and Errico Petrella. The numerous reviews provide a lasting record of many of the great singers of the mid century including Augusta Albertini, Marco Arati, Giuditta Beltramelli, Geremia Bettini, Teresa Brambilla, Emanuele Carrion, Filippo Coletti, Giuseppina Medori, Raffaele Mirate, Vincenzo Morelli and Emilio Naudin.

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