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Nordisk musik-tidende

(Christiania [Oslo], 1880-1892)

Prepared by Kirsti Grinde
1 volume* (1996)

Norway’s first music monthly, the Nordisk musik-tidende was published in Kristiania (now Oslo) from January 1880 to January 1893 by Carl Warmuth, editor and music-dealer to the Royal Court. The journal focuses predominately on music making in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and includes among its biographical sketches and reviews, lists of deceased Norwegian musicians, the addresses of Norwegian musicians living abroad, and a compilation of Norwegian music performed outside Norway. A number of Scandinavian writers contributed to Nordisk musik-tidende including Bredo Lassen, a music critic and composer; Angul Hammerich, a correspondent from Copenhagen; the composer Johan Svendsen; violinist Ole Bull’s son Alexander Bull; and Adolf Lindgren, a pioneer in Swedish musicology. While many reviews about musical activities emanate from the major Scandinavian cities (Bergen, Kristiania, Copenhagen and Stockholm), there is substantial reporting from Paris, Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin. The activities of the main musical institutions are prominently featured: the Casino, the Tivoli concert hall and theater, and the Kongelige Theater in Copenhagen; the Kongliga Stora Theatern in Stockholm; and Brr drene Hals concert hall, the Kristiania Theater, FF stningens gymnastiklocale and Warmuth’s music shop in Kristiania. Information about important internationally-known Scandinavian performing musicians—violinists Wilhelmina Norman-Neruda and Franz Neruda; singers Christine Nilsson, Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt, Ellen Gulbranson, Gina Oselio (Ingeborg Aas), and Sigurd Lunde; the conductor Thorvald Lammers; the pianist-composer Agatha Backer-Grøndahl and pianist Erika Lie—are found in reviews, biographies and anecdotes. Reviews of the works of a number of Scandinavian composers are found throughout the Nordisk musik-tidende. Among the best-known are Edvard Grieg, Halfden Kjerulf, Gustave Lange, Christian Sinding and Johan Svendsen. Lesser-known but apparently popular composers include Andreas Hallén, J. P. E. Hartmann and Johann Selmer. Over 150 lithograph portraits of musicians are found throughout the journal.

* Hard bound with