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The Orchestra [First series]

(London, 1863-1874)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publishers: Cramer and Co., 1863-1868; Adams and Francis, 1864-1867; James Swift (Swift and Co.), 1868-1874

Printers: Cramer and Co. (The Regent Press), 1863; George Wood of Cramer, Wood and Co. (Regent Steam Press), 1864; George Wood (Regent Press), 1865-1867; James Swift (Swift and Co.), 1868-1869; Regent Press, 1869-1874

Periodicity: Weekly

Forthcoming: Vol. 1 nos. 1, 3, 5; New Series = The Orchestra and the Choir (1874-1881)

"The Orchestra... began life as the house weekly of the music publishers Cramer, Beale, and Wood, with emphasis on news and on theatrical works issued by the firm: orchestral or symphonic music per se is hardly mentioned. A strong plea for the creation of a state-supported National English Opera permeates the first few issues. Theatrical and operatic news from all over the British Isles is given prominence; poetry (light verse, much of it by Edward Fitzhall) is a regular department; and 'Contrinental Music and Drama' as well as a series of editorial feuilletons feature for a while. Early contributors seem to have included H. J. Gauntlett (on German composers) and Henry Chorley (Gounod's operas). In the 1870s the paper began coverage of the Crystal Palace and Monday Popular Concerts and a few literary works (Thomas Hood's Poems, Balfe's Reminiscences, The Era Alamanac); it also included topics in education and church music, and published a valuable necrology."

Leanne Langley, "Music" in Victorian Periodicals and Victorian Society. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995: 99-126, at 121-22.