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Revista Musical Catalana

(Barcelona, 1904-1936)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2013)

  Redactor en cap: Joan Salvat (1904-1914), Frederic Lliurat and Vicents M.a de Gibert (1914-1922), Frederic Lliurat and Joan Salvat (1923-1936)
  Secretari de la Redacció: Joseph M.a Folch y Torres (1904-1906), Ignasi Folch y Torres (1907-1922), Jaume Martí i Marull (1923-1929), Lluís M.a Millet (1930-1936)

Periodicity: Monthly

Publisher: Orfeó Catalá

Printer: Tip. "L'Avenç"

Language: Catalan

"Both scholarly essays and information about local and international musical life were provided for readers of Catalan by Revista musical catalana = Butlletí de l'Orfeó Català ... Although the list of principal collaborators was long, including, for example, Wanda Landowska, Kurt Schindler, and Albert Schweitzer, among those actually contributing in 1931 were Higini Anglès, Francesc Pujol, Josep Subirà, and P. Greogri M.Suñol. ... In addition to accounts of the activities of the Orfeó Català (a choral association) and comprehensive reports of concert life in Barcelona, a critical reviewing apparatus (books, music, and records) was maintained. Articles appeared relating not only to Catalan and Spanish music, but also subjects of wider musical interest. The annual index, conveniently subdivided, provides easy access."

Charles Lindahl, "Music Periodicals in U. S. Research Libraries in 1931: A Retrospective Survey. Part II: Other European Countries." Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association 38, no. 1 (September 1981): 74.