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Skandinaviske Signaler

(Copenhagen, 1894-1895)

Prepared by Kirsti Grinde
Introduction by Eva-Brit Fanger
1 volume* (1997)

Skandinaviske Signaler for Musik, Teater, Literatur og Kunst [Scandinavian signals for music, theatre, literature and art] was published in Copenhagen in nine issues during 1894 and 1895. The journal’s editor, Henrik Hennings, was a music publisher and composer of songs and piano pieces. As publisher, Hennings promoted works by Nordic composers such as Stenhammer, Sjøgren, Lange-Møller, and at the same time encouraged foreign artists to give concerts in Denmark. Bibliographical articles treating Scandinavian composers, singers and pianists, with accompanying portraits, are a regular feature of the journal. The first biographical article is devoted to the Swedish composer Franz Berwald. Contributors include Adolf Lindgren, a music scholar of Uppsala University; Angul Hammerich, connected with the University of Copenhagen; and, Wolfgang Hansen, a professor of the Royal Music Academy in Copenhagen.

* Hard bound with