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Stockholms musik-tidning

(Stockholm, 1843-1844)

Prepared by Kirsti Grinde
Introduction by Veslemöy Heintz
1 volume* (1997)

Unlike several earlier short-lived attempts to establish music journalism in Sweden, Stockholms musik-tidning [Stockholm’s music journal] achieved some success. Established by publisher and music seller Abraham Hirsch, the journal was issued weekly from 6 October 1843 until 21 June 1844, and clearly served as a house organ for the publisher. Stockholms musik-tidning profited from the services of an editor, Wilhelm Bauck, himself an organist, composer and music critic, and later a professor of music history and aesthetics at the Music Academy in Stockholm. Reviews occupy a prominent place in Stockholms musik-tidning, and Bauck had two main collaborators in this field: Pehr Conrad Boman who reviewed performances at the Stockholm Opera, and Jöns Peter Croman who dealt with publications of contemporary music.

The majority of the journal’s articles are reprinted in translation from foreign periodicals and newspapers. Biographies are featured in almost all issues and include Robert Schumann’s writings on Niels W. Gade, F. A. Gebhard on John Field, and a serialized biography of Beethoven based on the works of F. G. Wengler and F. Ries. Sturzenbecker, a Swedish author wrote about Ferdinand Paer and Chopin. Reviews of operas presented at the Stockholm Opera feature Lortzing’s Czar und Zimmermann, Gluck’s Armide and Donizetti’s Anna Bolena. Among the featured singers are the celebrated soprano Jenny Lind and the Italian tenor Giovanni Battista Belletti. Several articles consider composer Franz Berwald.

* Hard bound with