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The Concordia

(Chicago, 1866-1867)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2021)

The short-lived The Concordia (RIPM code TCA) was published monthly by H. R. Palmer from offices at 164 ½ Randolph Street in Chicago. The journal is notable as it was the first music-specific journal published in Chicago. Two complete volumes were published, totaling twenty-four issues over two years.

Content of The Concordia consists of serialized biographies of composers, pedagogical advice, musical news from Chicago and throughout the musical world (largely copied from other journals), and poetry. Each issue was supplemented with two pages of music, largely hymns and glees.

The journal ceased following business difficulties cited by the publisher in the final issue. A plan to issue The Concordia quarterly in 1868 appears to have failed, though W.S.B. Mathews began publication of The Musical Independent in November 1868 which would continue until the Great Chicago Fire interrupted publication.