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I Teatri

(Milan, 1827-1831)

Prepared by Graziano Ballerini

I Teatri: Giornale drammatico musicale e coreografico, an irregularly appearing weekly was published in Milan from 21 April 1827 to 4 January 1831. The journal was devoted entirely to theatrical life, and, in particular, to activities in the four main Milanese theaters: Teatro alla Scala, Teatro della Canobbiana, Teatro Re and Teatro Carcano. Reports also deal with musical activities in the Lombardy-Venetia, Italy in general and some foreign locations. Gaetano Barbieri and Giacinto Battaglia are identified as editor and proprietor respectively.

Each issue begins with a major article, or a biography of a composer, actor, singer or dancer, often accompanied by a lithographic portrait, depicting diverse persons such as Shakespeare; the composers Pacini, Gossec, Zingarelli and Crescentini; the singers Giuditta and Giulietta Grisi, Luigi Lablache, Mme Marra, Enrichetta Meric-Lalande, Maria Malibran, Giuditta Pasta, Giovanni Battista Rubini, Henriette Sontag, Antonio Tamburini and Carolina Ungher, and the maestro di canto Davide Banderali. The leading articles or biographies are followed by articles on aesthetics and history. Most prominent in the journal are reviews of musical, dramatic and choreographic productions of works by, among others, Bellini, Donizetti, Mercadante, Rossini and Taglioni. Of primary importance is the frequent appearance of appendices and supplements, which include news of performances, anticipating or completing the news reported in current issues.