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Ny tidning för musik

(Stockholm, 1853-1857)

Prepared by Kirsti Grinde
Introduction by Veslemöy Heintz
1 volume* (1997)

Ny tidning för musik [New journal for music], the most important Swedish music periodical of the mid-nineteenth century, appeared weekly from April 1853 through December 1857. Like Stockholms musik-tidning, Ny tidning för musik was published by Adam Hirsch, and, despite the ten-year hiatus that separated the two journals, the new publication is considered a continuation of the earlier one. Each issue of the new periodical contains essays, short stories, articles and short news items, reviews, biographical notes or anecdotes and occasionally advertisements. Important articles treat the history of music in Sweden and include analytical reviews of contemporary Swedish compositions. Concert reviews cover not only events in the capital but also in other Swedish cities including Uppsala and Göteborg. Opera performances and opera in general are treated in a number of articles and reviews. While discussion of performances at the Royal Opera in Stockholm appear in almost every issue, there are also reports from important foreign cities including Paris, Vienna, Dresden, Hamburg, Rome, Milan and London.

The journal’s editor until 1857, Wilhelm Bauck, wrote many of the concert and opera reviews, a major series on the reorganization of the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, and another analyzing the music in the new edition of the Swedish eighteenth-century poet and composer Carl Michael Bellman. Pehr Conrad Boman was also associated with Bauck, contributing a well-researched and detailed study of Mendelssohn’s Elijah and a biography of Gluck. Bauck’s successor as editor, Johan Leonard Höijer, was the music critic of several daily newspapers. Höijer introduced a series of musical biographies and contributed articles on songs and church music.

* Hard bound with