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The Music Trade Review

(New York, 1875-1879)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Publisher: The Trade Review Publishing Company

Editors: John Christian Freund, Gotthold Carlberg, Charles A. Welles, Horace Wadham Nicholl

Periodicity: Twice monthly

Continued by: The Review: With which is incorporated the Music Trade Review (New York, 1878)

This journal, which encompasses four distinct titles but is commonly known as simply The Music Trade Review, was the first music journal published and edited by the English émigré writer John C. Freund who later would find fame as the founder and editor of Musical America (New York, 1898-1964). While initially published for the music trades, especially piano manufacturers, The Music Trade Review rapidly expanded into concert reviews and articles on various musical topics. The Review failed in early 1880 following Freund's financial mismanagement.