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(Budapest, 1890-1891)

Prepared by János Kárpáti
1 volume* (1996)

The Zenevilág - Szaklap zenészek és zenekedvelök számára [Musical world - Professional journal for musicians and music-lovers] was published in Budapest from 16 December 1890 to 15 June 1891. Its editor and publisher was Jenö Sztojanovits, a twenty-six-year-old organist, singing teacher and successful composer of opera and ballet. Sztojanovits’s principal goal in publishing the journal was to assist in overcoming the backwardness of Hungarian musical life. The journal’s main contributors included the musicologist Jenö Hubay and the art and music critic Dr. Dezsö Ambrozovics.

Zenevilág regularly opens with a leading article dealing with an important aspect of musical life in Budapest. Following are extensive reviews of operatic and concert performances. A recurrent topic in the leading articles is the program policy and direction of the Hungarian Royal Opera House in Budapest. Jenö Sztojanovits was an unconcealed devotee of French opera, and for this and a number of other reasons he regularly attacked the director of the Opera, Gustav Mahler, imputing to him German prejudice and one-sidedness. Sztojanovits reported with great enthusiasm about Mahler’s departure and about the nomination of Count Géza Zichy as new director. With the advent of Italian verismo opera, productions of Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana and operas by Massenet receive considerable attention. The musical events of the country are sensitively followed in permanent columns dealing with concerts, printed music, music pedagogy, theaters, and news of music and other arts.

* Hard bound with