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Zeneirodalmi Szemle - Müvészeti Lapok

(Budapest, 1894-1896)

Prepared by János Kárpáti
1 volume* (1996)

Founded by Rózsavölgyi és Tára [Rózsavölgyi and Company], at the time Hungary’s most significant music publisher, Zeneirodalmi Szemle [Review of music literature] began publication in Budapest in June 1894, changed its name to Müvészeti Lapok [Art journal] on 17 November 1895 and continued publication until 23 June 1896. The journal was launched, and, at first, edited by Norbert Dunkl, a highly cultivated and talented businessman, with the assistance of Andor Merkler, a noted music critic for several Hungarian music journals and reviews. Dunkl soon relinquished his editorial position to Gyula Kéry, a student of law who chose journalism as a career. The goal of Müvészeti Lapok was formulated by Dunkl: “to put on the table of the intelligent Hungarian art- and music-loving public, a journal that makes it unnecessary to buy foreign-language art journals.”

The journal boasted a particularly long list of collaborators including such distinguished personalities of the Hungarian musical press as Kornél Ábrányi, sen., Jenö Sztojanovits, and Dezsö Ambrozovics, sr. Some issues contain biographical sketches with accompanying portraits of eminent musicians and performers including the composers Karl Goldmark and Anton Rubinstein, the pianists Ilona Eibenschütz and Rafael Joseffy. There are also reviews of performances at the Royal Hungarian Opera House of works by Erkel, Goldmark, Massenet, Smetana, Verdi and Wagner. Also of interest are the advertisement sections which include thematic incipits of recently published compositions.

* Hard bound with