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Magyar dal-és Zeneközlöny

(Budapest, 1895-1910)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2017)

Organ of the Országos Magyar Daláregyesület [National Hungarian Singing Society]

Publisher: Országos Magyar Daláregysület

Editors: Zsigmond Falk, István Göndöcs, Jenő Sztojanovits, Rezsö Burdáos

Periodicity: Monthly

"Important primary sources pertaining to the life of the choral movement are the Zenészeti Lapok (Musical Journal) and the Magyar Dal és Zeneközlöny (Hungarian Song and Music Bulletin). The Zenészeti Lapok, published between 1860 and 1876, was the first musical journal in Hungary. Between 1869 and 1872, it was the official journal of the National Choral Society. It was published with the subtitle “The Official Journal of the National Choral Movement.” The founder of the journal was the secretary general of the National Choral Society, Kornél Ábrányi (1822–1903). The Magyar Dal és Zeneközlöny was published between 1895 and 1910, and it became the official journal, as the Zenészeti Lapok had ceased publication more than two decades earlier."

Rudolf Gusztin, "The Institutionalization of the Choral Movement in Nineteenth-Century Hungary", Musicologica Austriaca: Journal for Austrian Music Studies (online). Available at