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Partner Libraries

While the RIPM Archive contains a large number of the journals, a limited number of RIPM’s microforms cannot, for various reasons, be reproduced on the Internet. In addition, there are, of course, many important journals not in the Archive. Thus, creating a relationship with major libraries whose collections are rich in specialized music journals was an essential step in the development of the RIPM Online Archive. We are very encouraged by the success of this initiative and very grateful to the libraries that have joined RIPM’s Partner Libraries Program.

Partner Libraries are those that collaborate by permitting RIPM to scan either at the RIPM International Center or on location, a large number of pertinent journals. In return for the privilege to do so, RIPM: (i) provides the Partner with an archival copy (400 dpi grayscale) and a derivative copy of all documents scanned by RIPM; the derivative copy for use by patrons, the archival copy for storage in an appropriate environment; (ii) identifies the Library as a contributor to the creation of the RIPM Online Archive in appropriate publications and on RIPM’s website; and (iii) offers the Libraries a reduction in subscription fee to the RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals.

Currently there are seven Partner Libraries: Curtis Institute of Music, Harvard Musical Association, Library of Congress, the Nederlands Muziek Instituut, New York Public Library, Sibley Library (Eastman School of Music), University of Maryland, and Yale University.

Many other institutions have also participated in developing the RIPM Archive by shipping a limited number of volumes to the Center for scanning. We refer to these as Participating Libraries. RIPM provides an archival copy (400 dpi grayscale) and a derivative copy of all documents scanned by RIPM to Participating Libraries.