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A French native, DORIS PYEE studied in France and Germany and received a Ph.D. in French Applied Linguistics from the University of Paris. Dr. Pyee has been a translator of documents on music at Université Laval (Québec), and professor of French and francophone culture at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, ), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, ), York University (Toronto, ), and Georgetown University (). She joined RIPM in . She has presented over twenty papers at national and international colloquia and is the author of numerous articles, reviews and translations. For RIPM she has produced nineteen volumes to date: Le Pianiste (), 1 vol. La Gazette musicale de Paris (); La Revue et Gazette musicale de Paris (), 13 vols. with Diane Cloutier. La Hollande musicale (; ); L’Indépendance musicale et dramatique (), 1 vol. Revue musicale (), 2 vols. Revue Pleyel (), 2 vols. She is currently preparing the following titles for RIPM: L’Année musicale (Paris, ).