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LILIA VASILÝEVNA SUSLOVA was born in Bobruisk, White Russia in . She graduated from the Donetsk Musical College (Ukraine) in , and the Donetsk State Institute of Music Pedagogy (History and Theory Department) with a major in musicology in . Mme Suslova is a “Candidate of Science” (a high degree in Russia) in art criticism. In at the Moscow Conservatory, she defended her thesis on “Experimental studies in the area of electronic music (dealing with Eduard Artemiev’s music).” Mme Suslova is an editor in the Information and Bibliography Department of the SMLT attached to the Moscow State Conservatory where she has worked since . In addition she is one of the compilers of the bibliographic index “Music” (Moscow: SMLT and Russian State Library), and has, since 1983, served as a member of RILM’s Russian team. Among her publications are contributions to Russian editions of music and articles for the journal Muzykal’naya akademiya [Musical Academy].