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BARBARA ZAKRZEWSKA was born in Poznan in . She completed her initial studies at the Academy of Music in Poznan in , and, postgraduate studies in librarianship and information science in . Two years later she obtained a doctorate at the Institute of History, Adam Mikiewicz University (Poznan), with a dissertation titled “The Singing Movement in Wielkopolska in the Years .” Since Dr. Zakrzewska has worked at the Poznan University Library, Division of Musical Collections. For fourteen years she has been Chief of this Division and for the last decade has also held the position of Chief of the Department of Special Collections.

Dr. Zakrzewska has received several scholarships and fellowships which permitted her to study in Utrecht, Oxford University, and, in the United States with a grant from the Kosciuszko Foundation. Recently, she received a second Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship to catalogue the music collection belonging to the Polish Music Reference Center at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Dr. Zakrzewska is also a composer of about fifty compositions, five of which have received prizes in composers’ competitions, and more than thirty of which have been performed in Poland and abroad.

As a musicologist and librarian, she has published three books and five articles, and has delivered about twenty papers in several Polish cities and abroad (Germany, Italy, Sweden). Since Dr. Zakrzewska has prepared abstracts of Polish books devoted to music for RILM.