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(Zagreb, 1892)

RIPM Preservation Series: European and North American Music Periodicals (2013)

Editors: Vjekoslav Klaić and Vjenceslav Novak (text); Ivan Zajc and Antun Stöckl (music inserts)

Periodicity: Monthly

Publisher: Vjekoslav Klaić (nos 1-3) and Hrvatski pjevački savez, Zagreb (nos. 4-12)

Language: Croatian

"The next music journal in Croatia, the monthly periodical Gusle, was not to appear for almost a decade. Twelve issues of Gusle, a "Journal for Sacred and Secular Music," appeared in 1892, edited by Vjekoslav Klaić and Vjenceslav Novak (1859-1905). Gusle was not a specialized journal: it contained articles about Croatian musicians, teaching methods, singing, ecclesiastical music, and folklore, as well as a regular column of musical news items. Ivan Zajc and Antun Stöckl's contributions to this journal were more varied and interesting than those in St. Cecilia. The compositions which Gusle published consisted mainly of choral works, music for organ, and solo songs by contemporary Croatian composers. Though generally of greater interest and variety than St. Cecilia, Gusle, too, failed to survive for any length of time."

Zdravko Blažeković, "The First Music Journals in Croatia", Periodica musica 4 (Spring 1986): 12-13.

See also Josip Andreis, "The First Musical Journals in Croatia", Arti musices: Hrvatski muzikološki zbornik 2 (Special issue, 1979), pg. 116-118.