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Nordisk Tidsskrift for Musik

(Copenhagen, 1871-1873)

Prepared by Kirsti Grinde
Introduction by Eva-Brit Fanger
1 volume* (1997)

Nordisk Tidsskrift for Music [Nordic journal for music] was published in Copenhagen by Edvard Wagner and printed by the firm of G. S. Wibes. Successor to Københavns Musikerforenings Tidende [Copenhagen musicians’ association news] (1868-1869)—a periodical offering practical information of interest to professional musicians concerning, for example, salaries and working conditions—Wagner’s journal focuses on musical life in Denmark, to a lesser extent on the musical life of Sweden and Norway, and offers a broad view of music in western Europe. The journal’s regular feature is a lead article that presents an overview of a composer’s style. Among those treated are Niels W. Gade and C. E. F. Weyse; of particular interest is Robert Schumann’s evaluation of the Danish composers I. C. E. Hartmann. There are also biographical sketches of composers such as Spohr, Méhul, Karl Tausig, Berlioz, Gluck and Bellini. Noteworthy as well are reviews of musical events and lists and notices of newly-published music, in particular piano music and songs. The thorough treatment of concerts in the capital and performances at the Royal Theater are a prominent feature. Throughout the journal the publisher’s interest in new music by Danish composers is evident. Some articles raise controversial questions such as the content of contemporary concert programs. Other important contributions are Asger Hamerick’s first impressions of the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, and an article about the Tivoli and Klampenborg amusement parks in Copenhagen.

* Hard bound with