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(Christiania [Oslo], 1892-1894)

Prepared by Kirsti Grinde
1 volume* (1996)

Orkestertidende. Blad for musikere og musikvenner [The orchestral times. Journal for musicians and friends of music] was published monthly in Christiania (now Oslo) from September 1892 to December 1894. Originally the journal was intended for members of the Christiania orkestermusikeres fagforening [The union of the Christinia orchestral musicians]. As the only music periodical published in Norway at the time, the contents were enlarged in scope to address a wide circle of musicians and interested amateurs. A committee consisting of the violinist-composer Gustav Lange and the organist-composer Peter Brynie Lindeman guided the editorial bent of the journal.

Matters relating to the Union made up an important part of the Orkestertidende. Some articles promoted the establishment of a union house, or at least the premises for union meetings; others discussed questions related to salary. However, the greatest part of the journal was devoted to music. There are many general articles including “Berlioz and Wagner,” “Our clergymen and art,” “Haydn’s influence as a symphonic composer,” “The timbre of instruments,” and “A note on changing the pitch.” There are also a number of articles translated from foreign books and periodicals discussing Mendelssohn, Paisiello and Adelina Patti. Reviews in Orkestertidende are mainly concerned with concert activities in Christiania.

* Hard bound with